my voice is the second cheapest instrument i own (and it sounds like it too)

by bare mountain

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    Includes unlimited streaming of my voice is the second cheapest instrument i own (and it sounds like it too) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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    Includes unlimited streaming of my voice is the second cheapest instrument i own (and it sounds like it too) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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this is a concept album where the concept is my very real existential dread & emotional instability.


released June 29, 2015

recorded by June 1 - 7, 2015 at The cOoompound in Dallas, TX.
artwork, music, lyrics, recording, and instrumentation by bare mountain.
mastered by Nate Litz.
art digitized & made useable by Alison DeVito.
CDs & cassettes out under Art for Motels. s/o to Turbo & Terence for bringing the dream to life.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Nietzsche's mustache ride
non-descript passages of purposefully vague verbage
populate the pages of my newest notebooks
lately i've been at a loss for words
& distant from my own emotions

if eternal return is true
i'll call this hole my abyss
if eternal return is true
welcome to my abyss

non-perscripted bottles of low-schedule anesthetics
litter my floor, what a pathetic aesthetic
lately i've been talking in circles
wish i could remember when i last felt certain

i'll carve my veins out into this abyss
Track Name: Nikolai Tesla
shaky knees & shakier footing
"maybe"s & the buzzing of May's bees
it's unclear what you're thinking
let's talk it over & then we'll see
how we feel about everything,
about the possibility of you & me

violence only takes you so far
but self-loathing should take you all the rest
babe just hop in the car
i'll drive us far away & let you drive the rest

cigarette butts in the summer
i'm feelin like a total bummer
you ask me how i'm doin'
deep down i know something's brewin'

fill yr cup until it's spilling over
we'll drink away our uncertainties
this growing co-dependence
is exposing all my frailties

you're wasted & i'm wasting away
Track Name: leap year
you come around every once in a while
just like the 29th of february
Track Name: smokers only
you tell yourself & everybody else that you want to quit smoking
you don't quite mean it but you're not quite joking
the habit that you really want to kick is you & me
and everything that you think that means
you lit the fire, and now i'm choking
on the smoke spires and the air i breathe in between
you didn't want to see what i became when you left me be
the indication of smoke inhalation & my lone, smoldering body
Track Name: tecato gusano
yr cold indifference takes its toll on me
you sold what i gifted just to get some peace (of mind)
i can't call you at any time
just to say i'm doing fine
anyways it'd be a lie
on my back 'neath texas skies
as venom spews out from your throat
my vision's blurry as i choke
on words i wrote down but never spoke
i breathe in the smoke
i'm not saying that you're a liar, i wish you'd tell the truth once in a while
i wanna die here
sometimes i just want to die
Track Name: bm was here
i've been practicing my slipknots
for when the big day finally comes
my shoes are polished
and suit's all pressed
for the opening day
i'll go out like Brooks from Shawshank
but the joke's still on me
in an interesting reversal
it's not the grand premier
it's just the dress rehearsal
Track Name: SLC funk
lately i haven't been sleeping much at all
w/o bad dreams, pot or alcohol
and i wonder when i became such a fucking downer
i would surely cut my ties if that was in my power
i'm getting older and one day closer to death
i should've known better than to hold my breath
but it's hard to be all alone when you're 1,000 miles from home
and i'm not sure where to call home anymore
if they find my wreckage along westbound I-84 it's okay because i felt dead long before